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Terms of Service


  • That you have the weight and dimensions of the parcels
  • That you provide all the necessary documents duly completed
  • That you check the addresses, including the postcode

Important: a value must be assigned to all merchandise dispatched abroad, even if it is a sample or gift.


  • No delivery will be sent to a postbox except for those in government buildings
  • A commercial invoice or pro forma invoice declaring the value of the merchandise as well as the recipient's details are obligatory
  • The merchandise may be delayed in clearing customs if the destination tax number (IRS number or social insurance numbers of the private individuals) is missing
  • The merchandise will clear customs more quickly and avoid extra tax levies if the merchandise's code number has been registered
  • If the products are exempt from duties and/or taxes because of ALENA, the "NAFTA blanket" must be provided duly completed in order to get the deductions


  • A commercial invoice or pro forma invoice declaring the value of the merchandise, as well as the details of the recipient, is obligatory
  • If the merchandise is worth over $2,000, an export declaration form (B-1 3A) must be duly completed and authenticated
  • Correctly completed documents will speed up the delivery of your package and reduce the risk of retention by customs

A representative is available to help you if needed.


  • All our prices are in Canadian dollars
  • All our prices are subject to a fuel surcharge
  • EXPRESS courier prices are dependent on the total delivery weight and not the dimensions
  • Road, air and sea deliveries can be invoiced in Canadian dollars, US dollars or in Euros
  • The invoiced weight is the heaviest of the volume weight or the real weight
  • Calculate the volume weight in inches:
    • Length x width x height / 166 (lbs) standard delivery or
    • / 139 (lbs) express delivery.
  • Customs clearance fees are included in the express international courier charge

EXPRESS courier insurance:

  • The first $100 of the package's value is covered for free
  • For packages worth over $100, please see your representative for available charges


  • Sales tax is applicable on all deliveries undertaken in Quebec
  • IFS is applicable for all deliveries undertaken in Canada

Payment terms:

  • 15 days after the invoice date
  • The 2% surcharge will be applied to late invoices

N.B. the prices are subject to change without notice


  • A package cannot be longer than 108 inches or 270 cm
  • The parcel cannot be heavier than 68 kg or 150 lbs
  • The maximum circumference of a parcel is 165 inches or 419 cm (circumference: length + (2x width) + (2xheight)
  • Some delivery destinations may be considered as remote areas. A surcharge may be invoiced*
  • The parcel longest edge may not exceed 60 inches or 152 cm and the second-longest edge may not exceed 30 inches or 76 cm without being subject to a handling surcharge
  • The residential deliveries are subject to a surcharge and must be specified in the bill of lading

*Please consult your representative regarding a complete list of surcharges and restrictions.